One Easy Way To Extend Your Niu Scooter Battery Range

In order to increase the range of your NIU scooter you have to upgrade your NIU battery, for a battery with a larger ampere size. We offer many different battery types suitable for all NIU models. The batteries are completely plug-and-play so all you have to do is just plug it in and you can be on the way. 

How much range will this actually add to my scooter?

In order to calculate the true amount of distance the battery will add to your scooter, you can simply just take the original battery ampere size and compare it to the new batteries ampere size. Let’s say your original scooter battery has a 20 ampere capacity and you buy a 53 ampere capacity battery this means you will have 53/20 = 2.65x more range than previous.

Can I still use the original charger to charge my new battery?

You can still use your original scooter charger in order to charge the new battery, however notice that because the new battery is significantly larger this will mean it will take significantly more time to charge it fully to 100%. In order to calculate how much time it takes to charge a battery from 0% to 100%, you have to take the maximum battery ampere capacity and divide this by the ampere output of the charger. For example 53A / 4Ampere Output = 13.25 hours. 

We understand that this might take a long time therefore we offer flash chargers. Our flash chargers are able to charge the battery of your scooter twice as fast because they deliver 8 ampere an hour in output. With the purchase of a battery we will offer you a discount for the flash charger.

What other benefits are there in changing into a larger capacity battery?

If you pair the new battery with our custom motherboards which are programmable your scooter will be able to provide way more performance than previously. This means that you will notice significantly better acceleration and top speed (please take notice at your local laws). This is because the performance of an electric scooter is based on three parts, the battery which acts as the input, the motherboard which regulates the amount of input and the motor which is the final output. 

By swapping the motherboard you are greatly improving the performance of your scooter because the motherboard will regulate more ampere flow to the motor. Furthermore, by changing the battery you are greatly improve the performance that the scooter is able to give.

I just want more range and I do not necessarily want more speed will this battery still work for my NIU scooter?

If you would like to only increase the range of your scooter, the battery upgrade is perfectly fine. You can just directly exchange the battery and start driving. This is because the original motherboard will regulate a specific amount of ampere.

You can find the link for the batteries down below. Do you have a different scooter other than a NIU or the battery for your scooter is not available on the website? Feel free to send a message to customer service and we will gladly help you out.