Origin Story

As the proud owner of one of the first NIU scooter models in 2016, it became evident that NIU would revolutionize the scooter industry. In contrast to traditional scooters, it operated quietly, offered impressive speed thanks to its electric nature, and provided the convenience of easy recharging, eliminating the need for additional expenses associated with petrol.

Despite the passion and admiration for NIU scooters, it was disheartening to observe the limited availability of aftermarket accessories for these scooters. This gap in the market inspired the creation of EScootParts. When we look at the conventional petrol scooter market, there is a much wider array of accessories available, which is somewhat ironic considering electric scooters boast superior technology, thus warranting the availability of more advanced upgrade options.

EScootParts strives to empower scooter enthusiasts to customize their scooters to meet their specific requirements in a cost-effective and straightforward manner, leveraging our comprehensive collection of DIY instructional videos. This approach enables our customers to enhance their scooters themselves, ultimately deriving greater satisfaction from their rides.

Catering to Diverse Rider Needs

For customers seeking increased speed, we offer upgrade batteries with higher voltages, motherboard enhancements for more precise control over driving behavior and speeds, and engine upgrades to unlock superior performance.

Others may prioritize longer journeys, which is why our extensive range includes upgraded seat cushions and shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride, extended range batteries, as well as heated handlebars and windproof hardcovers to shield against the elements.

For those desiring enhanced functionality, such as keyless ignition and trunk access, we offer accessories that can be easily added to their existing scooters, keeping them up to date without the need for a complete scooter replacement.

At EScootParts, we are committed to meeting each customer’s unique demands with our expertise and experience. We also have a team of skilled technicians available for consultation and assistance with any inquiries or issues.