How to increase the speed of my NIU scooter?

If you want to increase the speed of your NIU scooter, you will have to replace your current scooter motherboard with one of our motherboards which allow for a larger capacity of ampere flow. Not only will our motherboards allow for a higher top speed and also more acceleration, for certain models such as the UQI or the M+ we can also activate a third mode. Our motherboards are also programmable which means that you can adjust the speed to your liking for each individual mode and you can adjust acceleration strength to your needs.

What are the benefits of buying at EScootParts?

Programming Control

Our motherboards feature a programming ability where the speed per mode can be programmed as well as the acceleration strength. Within a motherboard set we will provide programming software complimented with a programming cable. To make programming as easy as possible we will have written out instructions regarding programming, video instructions and live customer service if needed.

Unlock a third mode for the M and U-Series

For the M and U-series which normally feature two modes, our motherboards will unlock an extra third mode where the first and second mode are activated simultaneously. Here is a demonstration on a M+ Sport.

Cross Compatibility

Are you switching a NIU scooter or do you have multiple NIU scooters? That’s totally fine because our innovated motherboards are cross compatible if you have a UQI GT and you switch to a M+ all you need is to change the settings. 

Customer Service and Expertise

We try to make the installation process as simple as possible, but are you still having issues with installation? You can reach us by email, but also for live support through live chat, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. 

Free Shipping and Fast Deliveries

We are able to provide shipping to basically all countries, if you are in the EU we are also able to ship from our EU warehouse. We are also able to clear taxes for most countries.

What is the installation process?

To speed up your scooter you have to remove the old motherboard first and then install the newly bought motherboard. Make sure that the plug cables are tight and the colored cables. Please see this link for details and video instructions. 

What speeds can I achieve?





NQI Sport / N1S / N1


MQI + / M+


M1 (45km/h)








Motherboard Assortiment

If you would like to increase your speed even more than just a motherboard upgrade, you will have to start changing the hardware for your motor (output) and your battery capacity (input). The link for a battery upgrade you can find here:

Frequently asked Questions regarding making a NIU faster

You replace the old motherboard of your scooter with the newly purchased motherboard from ESCOOTPARTS. Which will allow for an unlocked top speed and acceleration.Do you have more questions during the installation? Then you can contact customer service, we are happy to help you.

– Performing repairs yourself or replacing parts often voids your warranty. View the terms of your purchase agreement to see if this is the case for you

– When you adjust your scooter to a speed higher than the permitted speed, your scooter is no longer legal on public roads. Make sure that your scooter is no longer used in traffic after the changes. ESCOOTPARTS is not liable for damage of any kind. You are solely responsible.

The motherboards are set up to use right away and it is not necessary for customers to program their controllers themselves. For customers who have knowledge and interest in programming the motherboards, it is possible to change the settings. Software + Software 2

This is because the standard motherboards have a smaller capacity and restrict the maximal speed.

Our motherboards have a higher capacity and which will allow for a higher AH, which will make your scooter go faster and we offer programming to unlock further functions.

The speed of your scooter is limited according to your scooter’s motherboard. By replacing the motherboard, the implementation will no longer have an effect. In other words, a 25 or 45 variant will not make a difference in boosting your scooter speed.

If you would like to revert back to your original scooter motherboard, this is always possible. 

If you have installed the motherboard and would like to adjust the speed, you can always program the motherboard speeds according to each mode.

If you drive as usual and occasionally use more throttle than before hand the endurance will be the same as the original controller. However, if you drive faster than beforehand the battery will discharge more accordingly.

Yes, after the motherboard upgrade you will still be able to use the functions of your scooter such as the app, alarm, GPS location, etc. 

The speeds mentioned are considering on road conditions, they can however differ based on external factor’s such as the user’s weight, tire inflation level, road conditions, etc.  

Notice, that increasing your scooter speed is not road legal and is for experimental purposes only. We are not liable for damages.