How to Speed Up your NIU Scooter (All Models) Instructions

Faster NIU scooter Motherboard Upgrade

If you want to increase the speed of your NIU scooter, you will have to replace your current scooter motherboard with one of our motherboards which allow for a larger capacity of ampere flow. Not only will our motherboards allow for a higher top speed and also more acceleration, for certain models such as the UQI or the M+ we can also activate a third mode. Our motherboards are also programmable which means that you can adjust the speed to your liking for each individual mode and you can adjust acceleration strength to your needs.

Speeds that can be achieved





NQI Sport / N1S / N1


MQI + / M+


M1 (45km/h)








Installation instructions

1. Disconnect the battery and then open the trunk.

2. Unscrew the four screws from the trunk and take out the trunk. You can remove the trunk by disconnecting it or balancing it on the scooter. Now you will see your scooter motherboard.

3. Disconnect the motherboard power cable and then remove the screws and cables from the motherboard.

4. Replace the old motherboard with the new motherboard and screw the new motherboard into the scooter. 4 might not fit, but 2 screws are sufficient.

5. Screw the 5 coloured cables back into the motherboard and make sure the screws are tight.

6. Take the two headed cable and stick the side with the black USB head into the new bought motherboard. Then you take the other side of the two headed cable and stick it into the KZQ side.

7. Then insert the power cable of the scooter into the black box on the “CAR” side 

If you are unsure about the installation, please contact our customer service. Do not install the motherboard by yourself without instructions as it will harm the motherboard and scooter. We are not responsible for reckless use

Trouble Shooting

Be careful with an electric screwdriver that you don’t damage the screws, if this happens it is possible that you cannot remove the screw anymore. 

  • The two headed cable is installed wrongly, reinstall the motherboard again according to the instructions
  • The two headed cable has come loose after you put back the seat.

The parameters for you scooter are incorrect, message customer service so that we can get you the correct programming software.

The voltage inside the parameters of your motherboard is incorrect lets say you have a 48V M+ scooter, but the settings are for a 60V N1S.

– Performing repairs yourself or replacing parts often voids your warranty. View the terms of your purchase agreement to see if this is the case for you

– When you adjust your scooter to a speed higher than the permitted speed, your scooter is no longer legal on public roads. Make sure that your scooter is no longer used in traffic after the changes. ESCOOTPARTS is not liable for damage of any kind. You are solely responsible.