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UQI 65KM/H / U1 Motherboard 55+KM/H (3 Modes & Programmable)

This motherboard has an extra third mode and a top speed of 65+ for the UQI GT PRO and 55+KM/H for the U1. The motherboard provides an extra mode and this is shown on the scooter where modes 1 and 2 are activated at the same time. The motherboard provides faster top speed and acceleration because it can regulate more amps (45A). The motherboards come with default settings optimized for your scooter for the best performance and so you can easily install your motherboard and use plug-and-play.


Not only is the motherboard capable of giving you a faster top speed and acceleration, the motor board is also programmable which means you can adjust your driving settings such as the speed per mode, the acceleration strength, a reversing capability, electronic braking system strength and much more. lake.


The motherboard is easy to install within 20 minutes and all you need to do is replace the old motherboard with the newly purchased EScootParts motherboard. We offer video instructions and, if necessary, live customer support.


  • The motherboard won’t affect your scooter’s current features, as it’s just a hardware upgrade. This means that features like a proper dashboard speed, app, GPS settings, updates, error codes etc. still remain normal to use.
  • Program the maximum speed per mode.
  • Program the acceleration strength (3 settings)
  • Choose between cruise control or a reversing option


When you buy our motherboard you will receive:

  • Motherboard set
  • Video instructions for installation.
  • Video instructions for programming.
  • USB programming cable
  • Software to program.
  • Preset parameters for your scooter.



25 or 45km/h variant scooter:

The speed of your scooter is limited according to your scooter’s motherboard. By replacing the motherboard, the limitation will no longer have an effect. In other words, a 25 or 45 variant will not make a difference in boosting your scooter speed.

Undo changes:

If you would like to revert back to your original scooter motherboard, this is always possible.

Lower speeds:

If you have installed the motherboard and would like to adjust the speed, you can always program the motherboard speeds according to each mode.

Am I still able to use all of the functions of my scooter?

Yes, after the motherboard upgrade you will still be able to use the functions of your scooter such as the app, alarm, GPS location, etc.

What type of effect does the upgrade have on my battery?

If you drive as usual and occasionally use more throttle than before hand the endurance will be the same as the original controller. However, if you drive at max performance the battery range decrease will be -20%.

26 reviews for NIU UQI GT 65+KM/H / UQI+ / U1 55+KM/H Motherboard (3 Modes & Programmable)

  1. Mo

    Fantastic Customer service excellent products! worked perfectly on the road got to 55 km

  2. V

    My scooter can reach easily the 70 km as max speed.

  3. Anonymous

    we made it. Excellent.
    Almost 70 km max speed

  4. Anonymous

    The controller for UQi+ runs like a charm. I can easily reach 50kph here in Toronto where the “legal” limit is 32kph. Initially, I had trouble programming the unit until the very patient staff at Escoots helped me get the correct parameters. The throttle is very smooth; gone is the gap in acceleration. The bike is more fun to ride. I will not hesitate to buy from Escoots again.

  5. Anonymous

    I have UQI GT ST with NIU motor and 48v/31Ah battery. Installing was straight forward. Be careful with tight screws and use good tools. Software was not plug and play. Sensor shift value must be changed from default -120 (Bosch motor) to -60 (Niu motor). Now it works well. Niu got more top speed, acceleration and software behaves better. Very good update.
    Also, very good and fast support with WhatsApp. Thanks.

  6. Arturas

    Real speed on road 59-61km/h,needed to instal software on computer to change setings ,contacted them via whatsapp,response was realy fast,delivery (free) has taken 7 days to lithuania,not bad,

  7. Anonymous

    This paired with a larger battery makes a world of difference! Safely squirt from danger, set low max to city speed limit and medium to county speed limit so you never worry about getting a ticket. The reverse comes in handy so often when parking or leave a parking spot. I love it guys!

  8. Carlos Anzola

    Knowledge supports, greatly appreciate, thake

  9. Anonymous

    Got good power again, goes over 30mph no problem to even 41 or 42mph. So this is what is supposed to be. Just want to be able to go with the cars in certain streets it’s safer. Thanks again for your help and did enjoy learning

  10. Anonymous

    Revived my motherboard this week, nice and easy to install, literally 4 screws from the original one to remove and the new one sits nicely in the same place. As for speed the speedo hits 42mph/67kmh when the bike is stationary and the rear wheel lifted off the ground. Out on the road whilst riding I would say your really only going to get 36-38mph /61kmh max. The biggest difference is when riding down hill as the where before the the limiter would hold your speed back and not free wheel, now you can. So max speed is really dependent on the steepness of the hill and how long you can hold the throttle open. It’s a huge difference. Is the motherboard worth the extra money? I’d say yes. I’m no longer holding traffic in a 40mph zone and can easily whip down hill at speed. Of note, I never set the motherboard up myself and the guys at Escoot did this for me before posting, thanks guys. I’ve added some before and after images of top speed achieved so far on flat roads.

    Image #1 from
    Image #2 from
  11. Mitko

    Excellent! The moped flies! I did not expect to reach such a speed – 72 km/h. Thank you very much for the consultation, the purchase and the settings you provided me! I\\\’m glad I found you! Be healthy!

  12. Anonymous

    Excellent! The moped flies! I did not expect to reach such a speed – 72 km/h. Thank you very much for the consultation, the purchase and the settings you provided me! I\’m glad I found you! Be healthy!

  13. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with your kind and perfect answer to all the questions about the problem and questions. I’m using it well without any problems now.

  14. Anonymous

    It works so that’s amazing. I wish it was the same size as the original that comes with UQI+, but that’s minor. The editing program is not intuitive and ugly but that’s also minor. Biggest complaint is that there’s no estimate provided as to how much % will result in how much km/hr (max). I understand it changes with each vehicle/battery but an estimate would be so useful. Access to trial and error over and over is not fun and many need to set maximum to specific amount to comply with regulations.

  15. Anonymous

    Excellent! The moped flies! I did not expect to reach such a speed – 72 km/h. Thank you very much for the consultation, the purchase and the settings you provided me! I’m glad I found you! Be healthy!

  16. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for the settings you gave me yesterday. The moped flies… The acceleration is very good and smooth, the maximum speed reached on flat terrain is 72 km.h.!!! Greetings from Bulgaria.

  17. Anonymous

    Not a plug and play preprogrammed as advertised, had to consultate with a friedly staff. Some parameters staff gave good but some still wrong because speedo ovverreaded as much as by 25%. Other revievers saying UQi GT Pro flying around 970km/h is bollocks but real speed on flattish battery is good 55-56km/h real speed. Hardware is exactly same size and shape as original only there is big difference when finally after some hours of tinkering whith setup parameters it works and shows also beforehand missing third mode. For an advertisement about plug and play maybe 2 stars but staff with fast answers 5 stars. Now scooter is more alert when throttle setting is in normal. Soft setting is a bit too unalert from rider input. Also learned something about 3 phase motor settings.

    Image #1 from
  18. Keith

    a very good upgrade which gives the bike better speed and more strength when it comes to uphill, easy to set, excellent customer service and very helpful, fast response for every question/help that I asked.

  19. Anonymous

    Received the motherboard in 4 days time for my UQI GT, very easy to plug and install the software although had to ask customer service for some setting advised which got a fast response and very helpful. Highly recommend the Escootparts very efficient, fast response and helpful.

  20. Anonymous

    Great customer service from the quick shipping to the immediate help with a few configuration questions.
    The moped feels completely different. Much more powerful than before. My concern with the limits on the factory settings were more the ability to move quickly when I needed to like pulling out into traffic.
    This mod makes the moped feels safer to ride. And it goes faster .

  21. Anonymous

    Ordered one for my UQi+. It arrived within a week which is impressive. Installing the motherboard was as simple as the instructions. Now my UQi+ accelerates much better and goes up to 70km/h with the default settings on the new motherboard. I have a 500 watt NIU motor with a 48v 48ah battery. Customer support was very responsive and helpful. My new motherboard arrived with the speed limiter activated, so after I initially installed, it only to 24km/h max, but customer support directed me on how to turn it offer from my computer using the programming software and cable provided.

    Note: removing the original motherboard is a bit more complicated and time consuming on the NIU UQI+, because of the placement and the type of screws NIU used. It gets even more challenging when you have the passenger seat installed.

  22. Anonymous

    Awesome! I never expected this result!!!

    With ease he now taps the 69 almost 70 per hour. And the hills here in southern Limburg are buzzing up nicely!! Very satisfied, highly recommended!!

    Image #1 from
  23. Anonymous

    Shipped fast, works great, and the company is very helpful and responsive in solving issues(even though it was my fault!)

    Installation is pretty simple with just a screw driver and a torx bit. Recommend watching the tutorial video on here first.

    Image #1 from
  24. Juha K.

    Not “plug and play”, at least my scooter, but seller give good advices and now it works like it should. I’m satisfied how it improoved my scooter.

  25. Anonymous

    The equipment arrived within days,software was pre-installed, it really is ” plug and play” , a few minutes to remove the battery box and plug in the new modules with help from customer services and I was back on the road, at a registered 51 M.P.H , top speed, overall, excellent product, excellent customer service, and a happy UQI gt owner, I would definitely recommend this upgrade .
    Thanks Escoot ,

  26. Anonymous

    i got this motherboard to adjust my speed and i love it. i am a very happy customer it works great on my niu uqi GT PRO

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