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The motherboard has three modes with a top speed of 70-75 km/h. With our motherboards you can unlock the true performance from your scooter because it is able to regulate more ampere (70A).


In addition, the motherboard is programmable and you can adjust the speed per mode yourself and the acceleration strength.


  • The motherboard is easy to install within 20 minutes and you just need to replace the old motherboard with the newly purchased motherboard. Please see this link for the instructions.
  • If you do have any further questions our support team is always available over live chat, whatsapp, instagram, email, etc.



  • The motherboard allows for more speed and acceleration because it is 70 ampere.
  • All functions remain working (APP, Scooter Functions, Accurate Speeds, etc.)
  • Programming: You can adjust speed per mode and acceleration across 3 different modes.
  • If you ever make upgrades to the moped such as larger battery or a different engine, with the programmable motherboard you can adjust settings to make these upgrades compatible.
  • Easy install with plug and play


With the purchase of our motherboard you will receive:

  • Motherboard Set
  • Video instructions for installation.
  • Video instructions of programming.
  • USB programming cable
  • Software for programming.
  • Preset parameters for your scooter (25, 50, 75kmh)


Further accessoires

  • If you want even more performance you can go for one of our battery upgrades to increase speeds.
  • If you want to limit the speed on the go, you can go for one of our speed limiter accessories.



25 or 45km/h variant scooter:

The speed of your scooter is limited according to your scooter’s motherboard. By replacing the motherboard, the limitation will no longer have an effect. In other words, a 25 or 45 variant will not make a difference in boosting your scooter speed.

Am I able to undo the changes?

If you would like to revert back to your original scooter motherboard, this is always possible.

What if I don’t want to go maximal speed?

If you have installed the motherboard and would like to adjust the speed, you can always program the motherboard speeds according to each mode.

Am I still able to use all of the functions of my scooter?

Yes, after the motherboard upgrade you will still be able to use the functions of your scooter such as the app, alarm, GPS location, etc.

What type of effect does the upgrade have on my battery?

If you drive as usual and occasionally use more throttle than before hand the endurance will be the same as the original controller. However, if you drive at max performance the battery range decrease will be -20%.

I have an N1 will this work?

If you have a N1 scooter (grey rotation switch) leave a note during checkout so that we can program the motherboard to fit the N1.


31 reviews for NQI / N1S Motherboard 75+KM/H (3 Modes & Programmable)

  1. Anonymous

    Very comfortable and professional support via WhatsApp.
    The installation of the motherboard for a N1 Civic was quiet easy. Everything fits well and the speed optimization is very impressing. By the way the problems with the grey rotation switch are solved as well with the new motherboard.

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  2. Alf A.

    Works perfect for my N1S

  3. Anonymous

    Has been going really well until now, have a section of road that is 70km per hours that I regularly travel on so has made it much safer to driver than being constantly passed by traffic.

  4. Sebastian

    Perfect Service an fast contact for questions

  5. Anonymous

    Satisfied with the product.

    At first I was afraid it wouldn’t work or wouldn’t work properly or give error notifications all the time but that’s not the case. After installation (which anyone can do with a screwdriver) the scooter drove exactly as you would expect and you basically don’t notice anything special. After that, you can program it with your laptop, or you program it before mounting it with a desktop.

    I like that you can leave the USB programming cable connected to adjust the speed and the like at a later time. The cable now simply hangs in my stand and I can connect my laptop whenever I want to adjust the speed, pull-up force or other functions.

    Previously I got about 50km on 1 battery (25km/h scooter version = approx 34km/h) now about 40km (45kmh/h scooter version = approx 48 km/h). In addition, I am large and heavy (120 kg) so that also has a significant amount to do with it. Because of my weight, the scooter also doesn’t want much harder than 55 km/h.

  6. Miles

    Package arrived quickly, customer service was quick to respond and very helpful. Installation was SUPER easy even with no guide, and the YouTube programming guide is quite helpful.

    Out of the box, I got up to 65kph (40mph) from the 52kph (30mph) stock. With some minor adjustments to the accel, max rpm, and speed settings, I can get up to 70kph (45mph) eventually (75 downhill). I weigh around 150lbs, for context.

    Recommend putting max speeds to 130, 100, and 50 (for modes 3, 2, and 1) like in the video guide, changing rpm to 1200 (max), and upping speed-loop mode to sport while leaving throttle response at soft, maybe normal.

  7. Anonymous

    Excellent product and customer support! I was able to get about 90 km/h free spin on my Vespa N1S, which is a massive improvement.

  8. Anonymous

    I did too speed test and managed to get up to 65 kph on a flat road, 70 kph on a slight downhill. Just what I needed. I probably could have gone a bit faster if the battery had been fully charged. Thanks again for all your help!

  9. Anonymous

    Good product, fast shipping, easy-médium dificulty instalation and very very fast replies from seller. I am 86kg and maximum speed on my N1S is 63km/h. Not 75, But still good progress! Thank you and regards from Slovakia!

  10. Anonymous

    I´m super happy, this product gives me the extra umpf needed to keep up in traffic.

  11. Anonymous

    I have a NIU NQi Sport 2021, limited to 49 km/h.
    It is a great device. Easy to install, fits well, the process takes max. 30 minutes. It increases the performance well, the acceleration becomes more intensive, and the top speed is not limited now. I am 110 kg, with me the end is around 65 km/h, but is is more than enough. The best is that annoying throttle controll over 40 km/h disappears, and over 49 km/h there is no downregulation. There is no significant battery power loss, the range is still 50-60 km, like originally. I was afraid about the extra heat, but it is OK, in 30 Celsius, after max. performance there was no overheating.
    This is, how this scooter should be sold by default… Highly recommended stuff. So, thanks a lot, I’m gonna keep it. 🙂
    Please check the software, because it is not available on your site…

  12. Anonymous

    This helped me a lot! Easy to install cables and good video manual! And the software included is very very easy to change parameters! I would highly recommend combining it with an extra battery, that will make the whole experience a lot better! What makes this a perfect blend is the ability to fine tune top speed and distance and you can feel the acceleration is more powerful!

  13. Anonymous

    Great service has EScootparts, sent within 1 day and with a question about installation I received a response within 1 minute!! It ran too fast for me, so simply lowered the speed without getting dirty fingers!! Other companies can learn a lot from this, keep it up

  14. Anonymous

    Very happy with the new motherboard. Easy to install and program. Quick help with questions.

  15. Frans

    With a lot of wind in the back, the scooter goes 70km/h.
    average speed 55/60

  16. Maarten

    Works very well. Afterwards I had a slightly different model of scooter but due to the fast service we managed to get it.

  17. Timūras

    Very good quality product. I am using new motherboard on my NIU scooter for few months now and had no problem. Managed to max out at 80 km/h. Very happy.

  18. Anonymous

    Quick responses to questions, fast delivery and good support with programming and installation. In short, escootparts has done well. And now I do too. Scooter is set up in half an hour and ready for use. Thanks to good product and easy software. Don’t hesitate…!

  19. Anonymous

    Exactly as the product is described. I had a small problem with the wire cable, it was replaced immediately without any problems and the seller has a high level of service. Neat and fast answer via whatsapp. Motherboard can be programmed according to your own wishes. The scooter drives a lot nicer right away

  20. Anonymous

    Very quick to answer questions and ship order. Installation was also done in no time with the manual. Highly recommended

  21. Anonymous

    I am so happy with this product and had two questions about it and had to contact the customer service and they responded both times within 5 minutes. I really recommend this site and products! Other webshops can learn from this!

  22. Anonymous

    I am so happy with this product and had two questions about it and had to contact the customer service and they responded both times within 5 minutes. I really recommend this site and products!

  23. Anonymous

    I installed the set and it works super. I received it the following day

  24. Anonymous

    great support, works great.

  25. Anonymous

    I got my new motherboard but I couldn’t quite work out how to hook it up as it was a bit different to the video. The guys in support were awesome and had me up and running in no time. Full speed ahead!! Thanks so much

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  26. Anonymous

    the maximum speed if I was on the scooter was 87km / h the maximum speed with my girlfriend and me on top in a straight line was 52km / h the maximum speed with my girlfriend and me going up a slope was 30km / h

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  27. Anonymous

    everything work perfectly, the installation was extra simple, great product.

  28. Anonymous

    Scooter converted and it runs like a charm.

  29. Anonymous

    80 really always gets it with a full battery, if it falls below 40% 75.

    If a bit is warm, it easily reaches 86km / h

    Image #1 from
  30. Gerald

    Can drive 72 with it, two people 63

  31. Peter

    The controller was very easy to install. A couple of screws, 5 cables with ring cable shoes and a multi contact. It was then to just to install the new controller in reverse order. Plug and play. Everything worked directly and the scooter now does as promised 70 km/h easy. It also feels significantly more alert and stronger in the motor. I haven’t noticed any noticeable deterioration in the range of the battery yet.
    the salesman is extremely helpful and answers directly to all possible questions.
    The delivery was fast and problem free

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