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NIU N-Series Extended Range and Performance Fast Charging Battery – 60V (85-150KM Range)

A worry about electric scooters is that if you have to drive long distances you have to be mindful of your battery in order to avoid an empty battery halfway. It can also be an inconvenience to frequently have to plug your scooter in to charge. With this battery upgrade you are greatly improving the range of your scooter so that you can make long-distance trips and you can also last several days driving without having to charge the battery. Furthermore if paired with our dual battery accessory you can enjoy range and performance of two batteries.


  • The battery greatly increases range due to its larger ampere capacity
  • The battery will have a significantly larger BMS (70A), the battery BMS is also app connectable in order to see the battery health more accurately and battery parameters. A larger BMS will allow for greater performance if paired with our motherboards. Paired with our motherboards you will enjoy greater top speed and acceleration
  • Electric Automotive grade lithium batteries using large format pouch cells, the benefit is that these battery cells have a larger lifespan and have less welding points allowing for greater battery safety.
  • Battery casing provides more safety due to it being waterproof, rust proof and explosion proof.
  • Battery has a digital reader for battery percentage, voltage power and ampere flow.
  • The battery is plug and play, retain all original features of the bike


How can you calculate the appropriate range?

  1. Take your initial scooter battery, lets say its 20 ampere and you purchase a 53 ampere battery.
  2. The range will be (53a/20a) = 2.65x times as great.

How do I know what battery to pick for my vehicle?

As a rule of thumb the N-Series all use a 60V battery so any form of 60V battery will be suitable of your scooter.

Can I use my original charger?

Yes that’s totally fine although take into account as the battery is significantly larger in range, it will also take more time to charge. To figure out the charging time you take battery ampere and divide it by the ampere output of your charger, as an example (53A battery /4A output) =  13 hours. We have fast chargers available up to 10A which would mean for a battery of 53A, it would take 53/10A= 5 hours.


Our shipping partner will take care of any customs clearance and import taxes. If however in the rare instance there are any local fee’s we are not responsible for these fee’s, we will provide the greatest effort to make sure there aren’t any.


We offer a 14-day return policy for most of our items. However, it’s important to note that lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials and are subject to special shipping requirements and regulations. As a result, we do not accept returns unless there is a damage or a problem with the battery’s functionality.




6 reviews for NIU N-Series Extended Range and Performance Fast Charging Battery – 60V (85-150KM Range)

  1. Anonymous

    Now I am after first charging – an application indicates 114 km of range with dynamic ride and 180 km

  2. Anonymous

    Range is good 89 km with 81% so 110 km in the cold

  3. Anonymous

    I ordered it, because the original battery didn’t work anymore. Fast shipping and delivery. I’m very happy!!!

  4. Anonymous

    As I use my Niu NGT as courier for summer I wanted to extend range for my scooter to reduce charging times per day and seems this is best solution bought two longest range batteries and after test drive they exceeding my expectations althoght at beging my batteries did not support my scooter I contaced and they solved my issue in few days and i scooter recognized batteries and i could travel same distance that my original batteries would be 85% discharged using only 34% instead

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  5. Anonymous

    Got my 60V 48ah battery for my NIU GTS Pro to use with my current 2 original batteries that came with the scooter. I like to go on the weekends to ride along and having an extra 3rd battery that I can carry in the cargo box is great as I can drive more in a single ride. With the first ride using only this new battery, I was able to pull 88.9 km out of the 105 km that is advertised from a single charge. I hope the battery is still getting balanced so that I can pull it more kms out of it however I am very happy with it. I am from Costa Rica and I was able to get shipped with no issues.

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  6. Anonymous

    I ordered this to get the most of my niu n sport! I’m happy with everything. Good service! Fast answers and they are with you all the way if any question! Live in Sweden and the shipping took just 2 weeks! I was worried about the quality since I could not touch it or feel the material but I must say it’s robust and handle seems strong and the case is nothing cheap feeling at all and I could not be more satisfied! Highly recommend this battery and company to! Bought new motherboard a while ago so I could fine tune the speed/distance! It have worked good at all time and next time I need anything it’s no question I will be back! The best!

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