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Dual Battery Connection Set-up

With this accessory you can use two batteries simultaneously as long as they are the same voltage. The accessory has to be added into the circuit of the existing original battery and controller. If you the dual battery setup with our larger capacity motherboards this will increase the power of your scooter since there is now more input from the batteries and the motherboards are able to pass on more output to the motor. This accessory is great if you want to increase the performance and the range of your scooter with a cost efficient way.



  • Use both batteries simultaneously increasing performance by x2
  • Use both batteries simultaneously increasing range by x2
  • Charge both batteries using the dual battery accessory
  • Regulates differences in battery level between the two batteries.
  • Prevent you from having to swap batteries


Common Questions:

What is the purpose of the diode?

  • Without the diode if there are any differences in battery level because one battery isn’t charged properly or whether the battery life of the batteries are not the same the diode will help regulate these differences.
  • If one were to use two batteries without the diode it would result in the error of that the scooter is charging because the circuit is not parallel, battery A will start charging battery B.



When using both batteries try to avoid large differences in battery level.



4 reviews for NIU Scooter Dual Battery Accessory

  1. Alf A.

    I like the product

  2. Colin


  3. Anonymous

    everything works great! Both batteries work together and both are charging! I will certainly buy more from you in the future 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Before the double connector (50)ah it wanted 10 procent to get 10 km, very easy to calculate and now 80 ah it took just 8 procent to get 9 km ! With only original 29ah it took 28% to get me 13 km! Total distance I don’t really know yet! I think the app needs more data to calculate, it took some time to see any difference when 50ah was installed! And overall it’s so much more fun!

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