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NIU Compatible Chargers

In order to calculate the charging time for your battery you take the battery ampere size divided by the charger ampere. (battery ampere / charger ampere). As an example the 5A charger for the NIU N-Series (29A) will take 29/5 = 5.8 hours of charging.


  • The charging speed is adjustable using a knob
  • You don’t need a charger with your scooter all the time you can leave a charger at work for example
  • The plug can be produced to your country’s plug requirements (even 110v)
  • The charger comes with a fan in order to keep the charger cool and prevent it from over heating
  • The charger allows for fast charging up to 2.5x as fast



After checkout send us a picture of the battery information, what plug you need and what voltage.


5 reviews for NIU Fast Chargers Adjustable Charging Speed (10A Max)

  1. Jannic A.

    Good esperience! They are always available to give infos and support. The international shipping took one month, but the charger is easy to use and the price is the best!

  2. Anonymous

    Got the charger today and it seems to work fine I assume it is best to put it on the max adjustment

  3. Alf A.

    Perfect product!

  4. Mason

    This item works great

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you! Great Charger. The Fan is louder than I expected but this thing is quicker, lighter and smaller than the original!

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