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NIU UQIGT / UQI+ 72V Battery

A worry about electric scooters is that if you have to drive long distances you have to be mindful of your battery in order to avoid an empty battery halfway. It can also be an inconvenience to frequently have to plug your scooter in to charge. With this battery upgrade you are greatly improving the range of your scooter so that you can make long-distance trips and you can also last several days driving without having to charge the battery.

The 72V battery will also greatly improve the speed of your scooter being able to reach speeds up to 90KMH+ if paired with our motherboards.


  • The battery greatly increases range (100-180KM) depending on the user’s battery usage settings
  • Greatly increases performance both in top speed and acceleration (90KMH+ if used at 60A)
  • Battery has a digital reader for battery percentage, voltage power and ampere flow.


What will you receive?

  • 72V battery
  • Connection cable from battery to motherboard (black and red cable)
  • Larger size trunk
  • Charger (specified for your countries’ plug need and voltage)
  • Communication model (has to be plugged into where the original scooter charging port is)


Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the trunk
  2. Remove original red and black cable of the battery
  3. Connect new battery cable (red and black cable) onto the motherboard
  4. The motherboard will not fit in its original place so rather than the motherboard being behind the battery box it will have to go underneath the battery box
  5. There will also be a communication model provided this has to be connected to where the original battery scooter charging port used to be.
  6. Input the new trunk
  7. Connect battery cable to the battery

Can I use my original charger?

You can not use your original charger as the voltage is different, this battery however will come with a 72V charger which will be specified to your countries’ plug needs and voltage. (220V vs 110V)


Our shipping partner will take care of any customs clearance and import taxes. If however in the rare instance there are any local fee’s we are not responsible for these fee’s although we will provide the greatest effort to make sure there aren’t any.


  • We offer a 14-day return policy for most of our items. However, it’s important to note that lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials and are subject to special shipping requirements and regulations. As a result, we do not accept returns unless there is a damage or a problem with the battery’s functionality.
  • For this type of battery a motherboard upgrade is required the original motherboard runs 48V and will not work with a 72V battery
  • The original battery and charger can not be used as the trunk has to be replaced and the charger is not the same voltage.



3 reviews for NIU MQI+ / UQIGT / UQI+ Extended Range and Performance Fast Charging Battery – 72V (100-160KM Range)

  1. Adrian D.

    Outstanding product! It completely transformed my scooter (NIU UQI GT). I was uncomfortable riding in big city traffic because the scooter was speed limited and basically gutless. With this battery and the accompanying controller, the bike RIPS! The delivery was immediate and the support is amazing. I was walked through the installation with real time advice on how best to put it together. Everything WORKS! You can order with confidence.

    Image #1 from Adrian D.
    Image #2 from Adrian D.
  2. Anonymous

    It goes a lot faster now, it runs well

    Image #1 from
  3. Anonymous

    I’m going to make another attempt to sleep, meanwhile my head was so full of joy with how fast it drives and accelerates now, really happy with it

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