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MQI+/ M+ Motherboard 60+KM/H (3 Modes & Programmable)

The motherboard has three modes with a top speed of 70-75 km/h. With our motherboards you can unlock the true performance from your scooter because it is able to regulate more ampere (45A). The motherboard unlocks a third mode and this is shown on the scooter where mode 1 and 2 are activated simultaneously.


In addition, the motherboard is programmable and you can adjust the speed per mode yourself and the acceleration strength.


  • The motherboard is easy to install within 20 minutes and you just need to replace the old motherboard with the newly purchased motherboard. Please see this link for the instructions.
  • If you do have any further questions our support team is always available over live chat, whatsapp, instagram, email, etc.



  • The motherboard allows for more speed and acceleration because it is 70 ampere.
  • All functions remain working (APP, Scooter Functions, Accurate Speeds, etc.)
  • Programming: You can adjust speed per mode and acceleration across 3 different modes.
  • If you ever make upgrades to the moped such as larger battery or a different engine, with the programmable motherboard you can adjust settings to make these upgrades compatible.
  • Easy install with plug and play


With the purchase of our motherboard you will receive:

  • Motherboard Set
  • Video instructions for installation.
  • Video instructions of programming.
  • USB programming cable
  • Software for programming.
  • Preset parameters for your scooter.


Further accessoires

  • If you want even more performance you can go for one of our battery upgrades to increase speeds.
  • If you want to limit the speed on the go, you can go for one of our speed limiter accessories.


For the M1 the upgrade will work for the 45KMH version, for the 25KMH it’s not guaranteed. If that is the case a refund is available



25 or 45km/h variant scooter:

The speed of your scooter is limited according to your scooter’s motherboard. By replacing the motherboard, the limitation will no longer have an effect. In other words, a 25 or 45 variant will not make a difference in boosting your scooter speed.

Undo changes:

If you would like to revert back to your original scooter motherboard, this is always possible.

Lower speeds:

If you have installed the motherboard and would like to adjust the speed, you can always program the motherboard speeds according to each mode.

Am I still able to use all of the functions of my scooter?

Yes, after the motherboard upgrade you will still be able to use the functions of your scooter such as the app, alarm, GPS location, etc.

What type of effect does the upgrade have on my battery?

If you drive as usual and occasionally use more throttle than before hand the endurance will be the same as the original controller. However, if you drive at max performance the battery range decrease will be -20%.



34 reviews for NIU MQI+ / M+ / M1 Motherboard 60+KM/H (3 Modes & USB Programming)

  1. Alexander

    Fast delivery and incredible service. I really love the product as I am as fast as the cars now.

  2. Anonymous

    I bought the motherboard for my mqi+ from you, I installed it today. It is great. ! Great service provided with the motherboard

  3. Anonymous

    All good

  4. Anonymous

    The part works really well … we had some issues getting it setup but the support team was exceptional. A massive thanks for all the help.

  5. Anonymous

    Buying your motherboard has definitely kept me from buying a stronger e-motorcycle.
    I don’t know what else you sell for my Niu m+ sport, so I don’t think there is anything I need.
    Some things I’ve experienced:
    1) recuperation text is always on when braking
    2) I think it recuperates earlier (more percent soc) comparing to the original motherboard, could be not so good for the battery I could imagine
    3) not sure but I think the eco text doesn’t work correctly, but that one is useless anyways
    Just some feedback, in general all is well!

  6. Quentin

    quickly shiped and easy to instal. It makes a big difference!

  7. Anonymous

    I received from the product what the store promised. I installed and set it up easily based on the installation instructions. I still had a few questions and received very quick, kind answers to them!
    I am extremely satisfied. Fast delivery, proper documentation, polite and helpful customer service! I can only recommend!

  8. takanori

    At first, it didn’t work as I expected, but I think I was able to solve the problem by kindly teaching me how to program the motherboard. I will try to incorporate it into the scooter later and test drive it.

  9. Anonymous

    Good service

    Image #1 from
  10. Anonymous

    Quick international shipping. Took about 10 mins to install with help from the provided video. Programming app won’t win any prices for best design but did the job without any issues. The whole buying experience exceeded my expectations by far.

  11. Anonymous

    works perfectly, install could be easier

  12. Anonymous

    Great customer service. In Finland top speed is 45km/h. Now I can speed up 60km/h to my m+lite. 10/10 recomend!!

    Image #1 from
  13. Anonymous

    For my Niu lite. Everything is good and i am very happy with it 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    My scooter had experienced some lost of power,also when the battery was below 50% the real speed on gps was max. 38 km/h.Whith this new motherboard the real speed is 58 km/h on gps with full battery and 54 km/h below 50% capacity.
    Also starts more faster,it seems like a different scooter.
    I had some problems with the new piece that must acommodate below the saddle,hope some wire will not brake from vibrations.
    I’m very happy with new buy.

  15. Ronny S.

    Easy and quick to install, no problems whatsoever. It does what it says on the box, I feel much safer driving now. Delivery was also surprisingly quick.

  16. Anonymous

    Motherboard funktioniert sehr gut, u.a. gehen jetzt bei Vollstrom 45 Ah durch statt der originalen 30 Ah. Dadurch deutlich mehr Drehmoment und Höchstgeschwindigkeit, bei unverändert sanftem Lauf.

    Die (Selbst-)Programmierung der Software ist nicht unkompliziert, deshalb kann man auch einfach das Motherboard so einbauen wie es geliefert wird. Nachdem ich das nicht gemacht hatte, brauchte ich Unterstützung durch den Support. Diese kam sehr schnell und unkompliziert über WhatsApp.

    Insgesamt also zwar nicht ganz preiswert, aber lohnend.

  17. Natalja

    Excellent! Works great.

  18. Anonymous

    Speed 55 on flat 64 downhill

  19. patrick

    M1 Pro
    Easy installation. Made my scooter fun to ride whilst remaining within local speed regulations in the UK.

  20. Anonymous

    The Order process was easy, shipping was quick and Installation simple.
    Works with M1 Pro.
    Also great customer service!!

  21. Anonymous

    Bought this motherboard for my NIU M+ scooter. Instead of having the 15 & 45km/h default speeds, I actually prefer 10 (sidewalk), 25 (‘blue’ license plate speed), and 50 (to keep up with cars). Programming this was extremely easy. With the changing regulations in Amsterdam in 2023, I’ll even be able to set the middle speed to 32 km/h (for all the 30km/h zones). Also tested the max speed, which was around 60-62km/h. Changed the acceleration from slow to standard, which is much nicer when waiting for traffic lights.

  22. Anonymous

    I really love this product..

    Before my 25km/h MQI+ was slow. 25km/h is slow and with bad accelleration I consider it even unfafe.

    Placing the motherboard was easy. Programming was easy as well but remember that download in the software means uploading to the scooter and vice versa.

    Most important feature is that the scootre is not only faster but far less sensitive to wind or driving uphill.

    The speed choice is up to you. a 25km/h Niu MQI+ can drive just as fast van a tuned MQI+ 24km/h. But please be aware of your local law.

    In the Netherlands for example a 25km/h scooter when tested on a hub may speed up to 35km/h without a bill. On the road however, with a laser gun only 28km/h is the max tolerated speed.

    Conclusion: Highly recommended and a lot more driving fun.

  23. Anonymous

    Easy to install and works like a charm 60 kmh

  24. Anonymous

    Ordered the motherboard and received it within 2/3 days. Installed the next day.
    I’m certainly not a handy Harry but this happened in no time. Did have an error code that caused the scooter to do nothing.
    In a bit of panic I emailed escootparts and via whatsapp they asked me if all the plugs were tight.
    That turned out to be the problem, 1 of the plugs had come loose when I put the buddy box back.
    Scooter first only drove 28 km/h, which is why according to the app I haven’t ridden it in 254 days.
    Rather take the motorbike for a bit of speed.
    Scooter now travels 64 km/h with a full battery. Think that can be set via the software, because below 90% he drives ‘only’ 54 km/h.
    I still have to install software, let’s see what you can do with it.
    Now everyone wants to ride my scooter!!!
    I recommend this to everyone with a NIU scooter, really great!
    p.s. watch out for 5-0, you’ll lose it before you know it.

  25. Anonymous

    Good service and installation instructions. M+ model from 2019 45 km/h version. Only difficulty was that the original motherboard had to be drilled out. Scooter now runs on flat road 57km/h with windshield and winter tires. 3 acceleration modes programmable, the sport mode is my preference. Scooter now has more than enough power everywhere. Our 2nd M+ will soon also go for this upgrade!

  26. Anonymous

    It is clearly running faster than before. For now I am satisfied and very grateful for all the help I will definitely recommend escootparts when I find someone who also drives a Niu. Thanks!

  27. Anonymous

    Very satisfied with the motherboard and especially the service. Extensive help with programming for my older model M1 Pro. Now just under 60 on a flat road. Thanks!

  28. Anonymous

    70kmh on the feet…

    Image #1 from
  29. Anonymous

    I’m very happy of the improved performance. With M+ lite (800 watt motor) almost 60Kmh (before 45Kmh)
    Customer service very fast and friendly.
    Thanks a lot!!

  30. Jani Salo

    I have two scooters and both have +65kmh boxes and they work perfectly

    And easy to install
    Thank u

  31. Oscar

    thank you for the controller, which i installed in my niu m+ sport 2019. it works, with its hind wheel up in the air it says it runs 62 km/h. measurement with gps of course, puts me further down. but it does run faster than beforehand,

  32. md

    Ordered on Friday, received and assembled on Saturday. 5 minutes of work.
    Old original controller 28km / h
    With this controller GPS speed 53km / h weight 95kg.
    This does not restrict
    I am very satisfied.
    Good communication with seller.

  33. Richard

    I have been helped very well and a satisfied customer is clearly in the first place with this company. The scooter goes a little faster than is offered and if you have questions about installation, they are immediately ready to help you.

    Great job guys I am very satisfied and keep going.

    Image #1 from Richard
  34. Anonymous

    When I sit on it with 96kg it goes to
    1 31
    2 52
    3 58 to 60

    When my wife is on it 71kg
    1 31
    2 52
    3 60 to 63

    I am very satisfied

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