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NIU NGT / NGTS 90+KMH Motherboard (3 Modes & Bluetooth Programmable)

This motherboard will allow a greater maximum speed as the motherboard is able to be set up to 100 ampere. Another benefit for having a motherboard like this is that it provides more settings that will suit your driving method, you can adjust the acceleration strength per mode, but also the amount of acceleration based on the RPM.

The motherboard is however not pre-programmable which requires the user to program the parameters themselves. Upon purchasing we will send a link to our programming guide for where there are instructions explaining how to download the app and which parameters to program. It is recommended for users to purchase our base model if you want simple plug and play. The motherboard has a self learning feature to read the motor settings.


The motherboard allows a great range of programmable settings and will work with any NIU scooter.  The motherboard acceleration and speed per mode can be adjusted for all three modes.


  • The motherboard allows for more speed and acceleration because it is 100 ampere.
  • Easily program the motherboard to suit your driving behaviour
    • program battery settings
    • program acceleration per mode and per rpm.
    • program maximum speed per mode
  • The motherboard has a self learning function where the scooter will read the motor settings by itself
  • All functions remain working (APP, Scooter Functions, Accurate Speeds, etc.)
  • Programming: You can adjust speed per mode and acceleration across 3 different modes.
  • If you ever make upgrades to the moped such as larger battery or a different engine, with the bluetooth motherboard you can adjust settings to make these upgrades compatible.


With the purchase of our motherboard you will receive:

  • Bluetooth Motherboard
  • NGT / NGT Adapter Cable
  • Instructions for installation.
  • Instructions of programming.
  • Software for programming.


Further accessoires

  • If you want even more performance you can go for one of our battery upgrades to increase speeds.
  • If you want to limit the speed on the go, you can go for one of our speed limiter accessories.



25 or 45km/h variant scooter:

The speed of your scooter is limited according to your scooter’s motherboard. By replacing the motherboard, the limitation will no longer have an effect. In other words, a 25 or 45 variant will not make a difference in boosting your scooter speed.

Am I able to undo the changes?

If you would like to revert back to your original scooter motherboard, this is always possible.

What if I don’t want to go maximal speed?

If you have installed the motherboard and would like to adjust the speed, you can always program the motherboard speeds according to each mode.

Am I still able to use all of the functions of my scooter?

Yes, after the motherboard upgrade you will still be able to use the functions of your scooter such as the app, alarm, GPS location, etc.

What type of effect does the upgrade have on my battery?

If you drive as usual and occasionally use more throttle than before hand the endurance will be the same as the original controller. However, if you drive at max performance the battery range decrease will be -20%.



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