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Are you tired of having to leave your belongings behind worrying that your valuables may get stolen? Our safety numerical lock is the perfect solution for your problems. With our steel wire cable lock the length of the lock can be adjusted. 


  • High quality: The ultra-safe 3-digit code lock is made of high-quality ABS plastic and steel, and the excellent materials can ensure that the safety performance of the product is not compromised.
  • 70CM (32INCH) retractable steel wire cable: This cable lock is equipped with a 70CM (32INCH) long steel wire. While holding down the button, you can pull out the wire to easily lock even some large items.
  • Mini and portable: The travel lock is small enough to fit in a pocket or hand. The mini code lock also has powerful functions, but this does not affect its quality and functions
  • Easy to use: Just check the instructions and you will know how to set a password, change it and how to lock it. This retractable lock is very easy to use
  • Ideal choice for different occasions: The cow travel lock combination retractable cable lock is ideal for fixing skis, bicycles, suitcases, trolleys, file cabinets and other items together or on fixed devices
  • 56mm (wide) 70mm (high)
  • Cable 75mm long



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