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UQI+ Rear Rack

The regular rear rack for the UQI plus doesn’t allow users to carry a second passenger, however with this accessory you’ll be able to bring a second passenger. For this accessory there are actually two different variations a short and longer model.


4 reviews for UQI+ Rear Rack


    (Since you have to buy both the seat and the rear rack, I copied the same review for both items.)

    I bought the Two Person Seat Cushion – Flat Seat Black, 50CM (and the correct rear rack for it). It’s the shorter variant. I’m not using it for two people, but for more seating area and extra comfort during my long rides.

    I’ve only had a chance to ride for 30 minutes when I installed the seat. (A series of unfortunate events has prevented me from going for a ride in recent weeks.) From what I’ve experienced, it’s pretty comfy. I’m 6’0″ tall, and being able to sit further back feels much more natural. Also, since the seat is thicker, I feel higher and I don’t feel the potholes as much. It takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few minutes I was well adjusted.

    There was a slight problem during the delivery… the optional tailbox rack addition was missing. After advising EScootParts, they couldn’t find the piece. It’s seems to be discontinued. They have also removed it from their website. I was issued a partial refund, the difference in price without the tailbox rack option. All this was resolved quickly enough.

    The reason I removed a star is not because of the service, but rather because the design has 2 flaws.

    The first is that the new seat is not tight-fitted to the locking mechanism holding it in place. There is a bit of looseness. Not the end of the world, but noticeable.

    The second (more important to me) is that, while the standard rear rack has a thick cylindrical contour allowing to easily grab the bike by the rear to move it around, this new rack does not. It does have what could be described as grips, but it’s thin flat metal with sharp(-ish) edges. I will be adding some padding where I most grab it to avoid little cuts on my hand.

    Other than that, I’m happy with the experience and the purchase, and I will be buying from EScootParts again!

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  2. Kenny

    Fits the styling of the scooter, easy to install and does the job.

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  3. Anonymous

    Very comfortable.

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  4. Anonymous

    Extended Banana Seat from Escootparts

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