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N-Series / U-Series Compatible Electric Heating Handlebars

The NSeries Compatible Electric Heating Handlebars are the perfect solution for keeping your hands warm and comfortable during cold winter rides. With the press of a button, you can activate the powerful heating elements that heat your handlebars, providing much needed warmth and comfort on your winter rides. The handlebars are easy to install and offer superior insulation to keep your hands warm and cozy even in winter conditions. The heated handlebars are the good way to stay safe and comfortable on winter rides.

These electric warming handlebars are available for NIU scooters and allow for heating up to 70 Celsius. The handlebars have a heating knob with 4 different modes and is ideal for scooter drivers in the winter of during cold weather. The handlebars come in a set of two and have to be added into the circuit of the headlight.




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