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NIU Compatible U1 / U-Sport Battery 48V32A (80KM Range)

A worry about electric scooters is that if you have to drive long distances you have to be mindful of your battery in order to avoid an empty battery halfway. It can also be an inconvenience to frequently have to plug your scooter in to charge. With this battery upgrade you are greatly improving the range of your scooter so that you can make long-distance trips and you can also last several days driving without having to charge the battery.


  • The battery greatly increases range
  • Increases acceleration power
  • If paired with our motherboards you can add even more speed to your scooter (regard local laws however)
  • Battery has a digital reader for battery percentage, voltage power and ampere flow.
  • The battery is completely plug and play


How can you calculate the appropriate range?

  1. Take your initial scooter battery, lets say its 20 ampere and you purchase a 53 ampere battery.
  2. The range will be (53a/20a) = 2.65x times as great.

How do I know what battery to pick for my vehicle?

As long as its 48V and the physical size fits in your scooter you can pick any ampere size.

Can I use my original charger?

Yes that’s totally fine as long as the charger is 48V and the battery is also 48V


Express Shipping is included in the price.

Our shipping partner will take care of any customs clearance and import taxes. If however in the rare instance there are any local fee’s we are not responsible for these fee’s although we will provide the greatest effort to make sure there aren’t any.


Carefully consider before purchasing because in the case of returns lithium batteries can be quite hard to ship.





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