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NIU Compatible M1 Battery 48V (40-110KM Range)

A concern about electric scooters is that if you have to drive long distances you have to pay attention to your battery to avoid an empty battery halfway through. It can also be an inconvenience to have to connect your scooter often to charge. With this battery upgrade you improve the range of your scooter enormously so that you can make long distances and you can also drive for several days without having to charge the battery.


  • The battery significantly increases the range
  • Increases acceleration power
  • In combination with our motherboards, you can add even more speed to your scooter (however, be aware of legislation)
  • Battery has a digital reader for battery percentage, voltage power and ampere current.
  • The battery is fully plug and play


How can you calculate the correct range?

  1. Take your scooter battery, let’s say it’s 20 amps and you buy a 53 ampere battery.
  2. The range will be (53a/20a) = 2.65x as large.

How do I know which battery to choose for my vehicle?

As long as the 48V and physical size fits into your scooter, you can choose any ampere size.

Can I use my original charger?

Yes, that’s fine, but keep in mind that because the battery is significantly larger in range, it also takes more time to charge. To calculate the charging time, take the battery ampere and divide it by the ampere output of your charger, as an example (53A battery / 4A output) = 13 hours. That is why we also offer a flash charger in a bundle this charger is 8A and charges the battery twice as fast. If you buy the battery and charger, we will give you a 50 euro discount on the charger (Original Price 150 euros, in bundle 100 euros).


Express shipping is included in the price.

Our shipping partner takes care of any customs clearance and import taxes. However, if in the rare case there are costs, we are not responsible for these costs, although we will make the greatest effort to ensure that they are not there.

Please note

Please consider carefully about purchasing as if there are any issues with returns lithium batteries can be quite complicated to ship.






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