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NIU N-Series and M+ Winter Leg Cover Blanket

With the leg cover blanket you will not have any problems in the winter dealing with a cold or rain. The leg cover blanket is waterproof and allows you to comfortably drive without getting wet or cold. There’s no more need for you to wear thermal pants.


  • The cover blanket also features an inside pocket system where you can easily store smaller accessories such as gloves or a hat for ease with storage and driving.
  • A second feature is that the leg cover blanket can be worn around your body so that you will not be disturbed while driving and the blanket will not move around.
  • The moment you leave your scooter you can use the blanket as a cover for your seat to come back to a dry seat.



  • The leg cover blanket is compatible with any N-series scooter such as the NQI, NGT, N1S, etc.
  • It is also applicable for the M+


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