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NIU Scooter NFC Start Accessory

Start your scooter effortlessly using your phone or NFC-enabled device. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying keys and embrace a seamless, keyless riding experience. Easy to install and compatible with older models, this accessory is the perfect solution for modernizing your scooter.


  1. Keyless Convenience: Say goodbye to carrying bulky keys! ️
  2. Seamless Start: Start your scooter effortlessly with your NFC-enabled phone, card, or device.
  3. Easy Installation: Simply connect the accessory to your scooter’s motherboard for instant compatibility.
  4. Upgrade Old Models: Enjoy the latest NFC technology even on your older NIU scooter models.
  5. Hassle-Free Access: No more fumbling for keys; just grab your phone and go!
  6. Backup Option: Never worry about forgetting your keys—use your phone as a reliable backup.



  1. Access your motherboard and connect black and red cables
  2. Open the blackbox and access the remote, hold the top two buttons until it starts to flash, then hold the left bottom button and the red button on your NIU remote keypad to match the accessory (if successful you can start the scooter with the bottom left button)
  3. Take the red activation sticker and scan the NFC reader (this activates the NFC reader to allow for new devices), scan any devices you want to add to the accessory, then scan the red accessory sticker again to finalise the scanning.
  4. Stick the NFC reader onto a place where the NFC devices can be easily scanned and secure with a piece of tape.


NFC on your Phone

For the NFC function on your phone to work you will need add a public transportation card.





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