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NIU / Segway Scooter Brake Upgrade Set (Standard / Racing)

Upgrading your brake is interesting for people who drive faster and perhaps the original scooter brake is not strong enough. If you are a heavy driver or you often drive with two people, this puts a lot of stress on the brakes which may result in the original brake not being able to effectively stop the scooter in time. Or you just like the look of having a upgraded brake then you can consider our brake upgrade set.

Our brake upgrade set is fine-tuned for your scooter meaning that if you have an NIU or Segway scooter we will have suitable adapters so that the upgrade set will fit your bike without having to do any major modifications such as changing your shock absorbers or scooter wheel.

Our brake calipers come in four different colors, black, red, silver, steel and gold and with the purchase of our brake caliper set if you have any issues installing the brake yourself we can give you live customer service feedback in order to help you install the brake.

What’s included in our brake upgrade set?

When you order our brake upgrade set you will receive:

  • Brake Caliper
  • Brake Disc
  • Oil Tube
  • Screws and Discs
  • Adapter fitted to your bike
  • Oil Pump Tool


Installation Instructions

1. Remove your old brake caliper:
– Remove the two screws that secure the original brake caliper.

2. Take off the front wheel:
– Lift the front wheel in the air.
– Remove the nut that secures the wheel bearing.

3. Remove the wheel bearing:
– Hit the wheel bearing out using a heavy tool such as a wrench or a hammer.
– If you have issues pulling the wheel bearing out, stick a screwdriver in the hole of the wheel bearing and then hit it out.

4. Put on the new disc brake:
– Remove the original disc brake by removing the three screws.
– Put the new disc brake on after placing the smaller disc.
– Secure the disc brake.

5. Reinstall the wheel:
– Make sure the tire is centered and is not obstructed, such as the disc brake hitting the suspension or the shock absorber.
– Correct the alignment if necessary.

6. Put on the new adapter:

7. Install the new brake caliper:
– Put the new brake caliper onto the adapter.
– If the brake caliper and the adapter do not line up, add some discs behind the adapter to nudge it outwards.
– Ensure the brake disc is in the middle of the caliper so that the brake pads do not touch the brake disc and it is free to move.

8. Connect the new oil tube:
– Remove the old brake caliper from the scooter while holding the brake to prevent oil from leaking.
– Put the new caliper on and secure it to the caliper and the brake pumps.

9. Remove air from the caliper and oil tube:
– Use the provided oil pump tool.
– Mount the oil pump tool onto the brake caliper.
– Pump oil into the caliper, allowing it to travel up the oil tube into the handlebar oil holder to remove any air.
– Ensure the brake is tightly pressurized.

Scooter Model:

  • Please write in the order note what scooter model you have
  • If you have any other scooter model let us know and we will check if we can make it fit.



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