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Motorcycle / Scooter Aluminium Rear Tailbox Helmet Tailbox

Crafted from premium-grade aluminum alloy, this sleek and secure tail box is the ideal solution for keeping your belongings safe and secure while you ride.

Embrace the convenience of a spacious storage solution that seamlessly integrates with your scooter’s aesthetics. With its lightweight yet robust design, this tail box ensures your essentials stay protected from unexpected bumps and jolts during your urban commutes or countryside adventures. ️


  • Tailbox
  • Screws
  • Universal Mounting Plate
  • Inner Trunk Padding Accessory



  • Enhanced Security: Equipped with dual locks for quick and secure locking. The anti-theft design keeps your belongings safe, while reflective safety stickers improve visibility at night, enhancing your protection.
  • Weatherproof Design: Features a double waterproof design with an inner lining of leather to shield your essentials from rain and dust. Perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a base plate for swift assembly and disassembly, compatible with motorcycles or scooters that have mounting brackets.


Available Sizes:

25 liters, 36 liters, 45 liters, 55 liters, and 65 liters.



1 review for Universal Motorcycle / NIU / Segway / Scooter Aluminium Rear Tailbox Helmet Tailbox


    Tailbox pictured in review below is 45L.

  2. Adrian D.

    This is a well built tail box. Light weight without being cheaply built. I can’t wait to put it to use and get the load off of my back. What isn’t mentioned in the description is that it is removable! This was a pleasant surprise.

    Image #1 from Adrian D.
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