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UQI GT 80+KMH Bundle Upgrade Set (Extra Range and Performance Battery + 72V Motherboard + Adjustable Rapid Charger)

If you have a UQI-GT, then you are quite lucky as it is one of the easier models to upgrade to a larger performance scooter. For the UQI GT, a 72-volt battery can directly fit into the scooter.

What are the benefits of getting this bundle upgrade set for your scooter?

  • Your scooter will have enormous performance enhancement. The original scooter carries a 48V battery. However, you will now upgrade to a 72V battery with also increased ampere capacity, meaning that you will have more performance and range.
  • Increased range, with our 72V battery, you will easily get over 100km of range driving at maximum performance. If you decrease the level of performance of driving, you will easily be able to get 150+ kilometers.
  • You are able to quickly charge the battery. We will provide a customly fitted charger for your scooter model, which is able to charge up to 10 ampere an hour, meaning that within 6 hours, you will be ready to drive another 150 kilometers.
  • No more hassle with frequently having to charge the battery.
  • You will be able to do large trips with your scooter without having to worry about range anxiety.
  • Better battery health, as it is not recommended to go to lower percentages with regards to lithium batteries as this can damage their long-term health with our larger capacity batteries you will less often be faced with driving at low level battery levels to get to your destination.



What is included with the bundle?

  • 72V64A Battery + Trunk + Extra Resistant Battery Cables + Communication Module
  • 10A Quick Charger (Adjusted to your country’s plug and voltage)
  • 72V 60A Motherboard (With programming software and USB cable)
  • Guides for Battery Installation, Motherboard Installation, Programming Guide.


For more information regarding the motherboard included in the set: NIU UQI GT 65+KM/H / UQI+ / U1 55+KM/H Motherboard (3 Modes & Programmable)

For more information regarding the charger included in the set: NIU Fast Chargers Adjustable Charging Speed (10A Max)

For more information regarding the battery included in the set: NIU MQI+ / UQIGT / UQI+ Extended Range and Performance Fast Charging Battery – 72V (100-160KM Range)





  • The items included in the bundle are the same as if you were to purchase them separately.
  • Our batteries will come with taxes and import duties paid, in rare instance this is not the case the consumer has to pay for the duties although this is uncommon.
  • Although we offer a 14 day return period for our products, we do not accept return for our batteries due to the difficulty of having to ship batteries.