Guide to Upgrading your UQI GT / UQI+ NIU Scooter

The purpose of this guide is to make it easier for you to acquire upgrades that will result in a great bike in the long term, and also to serve as a guide in how to upgrade your bike. To start off with, the UQi GT or the UQi+ NIU scooters are the best bikes when it comes to installing accessories, and they also have the largest amount of accessories available.


Let’s start off with increasing the performance of your bike. If you want to have an increased speed and the removal of the speed limitation, you can get either our programmable USB motherboards or our Bluetooth programmable motherboards. With regards to which one you should pick, the programmable motherboards allow for a amperage up to 45, which is the maximum of your original scooter battery and they are easier to install due to their plug and play use. However, if you are going to upgrade your battery in the future to a larger voltage one, it is recommended to go for a Bluetooth motherboards. As when you are starting to increase the battery size, you will have to increase the amperage. By exchanging your motherboard, you are able to regulate more ampere, which means that there will be more performance, removing any limitations on the performance of your scooter from the motherboard.


The reason why the UQi GT / UQI+  are the easiest for installing great accessories is that it is very easy to install a 72V battery as you can simply switch the trunk and replace the motherboard in order to make this happen. The benefits of having a 72V battery is that the larger the voltage, the greater the amount of performance. Solely upgrading the motherboard would allow a top speed of up to 60+kmh. However, if you upgrade the battery to a 72V battery, you are able to get up to even 80+kmh added with great acceleration. Furthermore, 72V batteries will greatly increase the range of your scooter. As opposed to the standard 40-60km range, you are able to get, depending on your driving style, 100-150km of range. If you simply want more range you can go for our 48V batteries, they are the same size as original and are plug and play


With regards to comfort, there are two main ways to increase the comfort of your bike. The first method of increasing the comfort of your bike is in order to upgrade your seat cushion. The benefit of upgrading your seat cushion with regards to better comfort is that the seat cushion will be more comfortable due to the added thickness, or also because you are able to drive with two people on the bike, which is not possible for the baseline UQI model scooter seat cushions. If you are driving long distances, having better seat cushions will be a lot more comfortable for your posture, and it will better absorb the bumps of the road if you are driving on unsteady roads. 
The first option is to simply get more comfortable seat cushions. However, for the UQi+ model, we also have another variation where you can get a longer seat with a different tailback.. The benefit of exchanging for this type of tail rack is that it is more steady when you are driving with two people and it has a way better look. 
The second way to increase the comfort of your bike, which is also a very effective way to increase the comfort of your bike, is in order to upgrade your shock absorbers. We offer two variations of shock absorbers. The benefit of our shock absorbers is that they are adjustable, meaning that if you often drive with two people, for example, you can put the shock absorbers to be a little bit more stiff, whereas if you drive often with one person, you can make them softer. The shock absorbers will help a lot when it comes to driving over large potholes, or whether you are driving over unsteady roads. With regards to upgrading your shock absorbers, the rear shock absorbers are the easiest to install. You simply just have to remove the old ones with two nuts, which are attached to the bike, and simply swap them out.
Third is in order to avoid having cold hands, you can install heated handlebar grips. They are very easy to install. All you have to do is remove the old handlebars, then slide in the new ones, and then simply use our 12-volt adapter to add the heated handgrips into your headlight circuit. They are simply plug-and-play and replace, and with the use of this accessory, when you are driving, your hands will be warm.


Now with regards to adding functionality to your bike, you can add our wireless trunk accessory. With this accessory, with the same original remote of your scooter, you can simply press a button in order to open the trunk. This way you don’t have to bend down and find the keyhole. This can be quite a hassle, especially when it is at night or every time you have to get your key out in order to open the trunk. With this accessory, you can simply press a button and your trunk will open. And since you have to open the trunk quite often, such as charging the bike, this accessory is a necessity. We also have a NFC accessory for which you can turn on your bike with NFC cards or simply using your phone
Another accessory helpful for increasing the functionality of your bike is to getting our middle box accessories. With our middle box, you can store a lot of stuff in the middle of your bike, and it makes your bike look a lot better. The benefit of storing things in the middle of your bike rather than in the back is that if you are driving with fast speeds, having items in the back of your bike will lead to a lot more shock to your items as all the weight is in the back of the scooter, whereas if you put it in the middle of your bike, the center of gravity is lower. Furthermore, you can get a seat cushion which is helpful if you have a smaller person in front. Furthermore, with the middle box accessory, you can store a lot of things such as an umbrella, rain cover for your bike, seat covers, your charger, and any other accessories you would like to bring on the road, such as food or beverages, for example. 


Now finally, if you want to increase the looks of your scooter, you can get our dashboard upgrades in order to provide a better looking dashboard. 
Second, you can get our LED lighted handlebar buttons. This will provide your handlebar mode switchers to be lighted up, which will look great during the night time. Also, the buttons have added functionality, such as there is a passing light, which you can simply use to flash your headlight, which is quite useful because electric scooters do not make any sounds, and this can make it hard for you if you were to pass users and having to honk your horn all the time. 

Finally, you can change the body kit of your scooter. This will provide a whole different look to your scooter.